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Mark’s Off Madison, or M.O.M., located just off the corner of Madison Avenue and 26th Street in NYC, is a new restaurant from acclaimed Chef Mark Strausman, formerly of Freds at Barneys New York and Campagna restaurants. M.O.M. is the culmination of Mark’s career, the place where he combines, in a way that is quintessentially New York, all the culinary strands of his career – the classical European and rustic Italian dishes of his training – along with the traditional Jewish foods of his upbringing in New York City.

M.O.M. is a restaurant and a bakery, so in addition to many of the “greatest hits,” of Mark's career, such as the fresh homemade pastas, entrée salads, and beloved Belgian fries, Mark is baking his own brand of Jewish deli rye, hot sheets of pizza bianca to rival the ones in Rome, and, best of all, his Straussie’s hand-rolled bagels and bialys.

Chef Mark Strausman

Mark Strausman is a native New Yorker and classically European trained chef who has been feeding hungry New Yorkers at some of the city's hottest restaurants for over thirty years. He's best known for his rustic Italian cuisine at Campagna and the eclectic menu of European and Jewish influenced dishes at the Upper East side phenom, Freds at Barneys New York. He's the author of three cookbooks and consults widely within the food and beverage industry.